Cerma STM-3 Increases Efficiency, Performance, Power and Fuel Economy

Today, a lot more engine performance problems are caused by carbon and lacquer deposits. Many factors conspire to reduce the efficiency of an engine, by reducing fuel flow, distorting fuel spray patterns, decreasing fuel atomization and reducing combustion efficiency. While a certain amount of carbon build up is normal, over time the build up increases.  The engine now is compromised of its power, fuel economy and exhaust emissions.

This can happen so gradually that the driver does not notice it until the condition causes an engine performance problem. Cerma STM-3, which is designed to thoroughly clean the fuel system and engine components, can remedy this condition.  Cerma offers both Engine Treatments and Fuel Treatments as well as a full range of Motor Oils that will not only result in faster, easier starting, it will improve acceleration, restore fuel economy, reduce harmful exhaust emissions, and correct engine performance problems related to carbon and other contamination.