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Gas Engine Treatment

cerma restores your old motor cerma extends life of you new motor

Turn your worn out motor into a high performance ceramic engine!

Cerma Extends the life of your New Motor!

Cerma Retores the life of your Old Motor!

Cerma STM-3 is a unique engine treatment that is added to the oil of a hot engine and over a short period of time it penetrates all the metal parts within with a hard glossy ceramic (Silicon Carbide – Sic) finish. It re-seals the engine from within restoring lost compression and any imbalance between the cylinders. Silicon Carbide is high strength, high hardness and has amazing thermal conductivity. It considerably reduces noise and vibration (harmonics) and puts an end to ‘dry starts’ – two of the leading causes of engine wear. Cerma is not an oil treatment; it’s an advanced metal treatment process.

It’s so effective, that after only 20 miles of driving you’ll notice how much smoother and quieter the engine is running

Cerma treatment is ‘sub-micron’ so it even penetrates the varnish build-up and adheres to all the engine parts, filling in all the micro pitting in the metal with a hard polished permanent layer of 2 to 6 microns. Cerma significantly reduces heat and friction and this will be apparent in improved fuel economy and engine performance. In tests, Cerma has proven capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 350,000 psi and lubricating at temperatures above 1900 F. The treatment continues improving for up to 90 days and one application is good for 200,000 miles.


Cerma is not just for engines, it can be used anywhere metal meets metal and needs lubrication. (Electric motors, gear boxes, drive trains, hydraulics, etc.) Cerma considerably extends the lifespan of the fleet, saving on maintenance costs and on the capital expenditure for replacement. It has had its most remarkable results with engines that are burning oil and/or losing compression. Some users report that routine maintenance cycles are now down to 1 in every 3! Tests in EPA certified labs have shown an astounding 92% reduction in harmful emission gases.

Cerma – Technical Details: Normal oils avoid hot metal at approximately 275° F and will oxidize (break down) at approximately 375°-450° F. In contrast STM-3 treated oil will seal and protect metal that the oil comes in contact with and deposits a 2-6 micron sub-surface of Silicon Carbide. Cerma also significantly reduces temperatures by absorbing engine heat, thereby insulating the oil and helping it to retain its lubricity for longer. The remaining stm-3 treated oil is attracted to the hot metal and will not allow the oil to oxidize until 500–640 deg. F. 

Cerma Treatment Procedure: Cerma must be administered as detailed below or it will not work as designed. Follow instructions carefully for best results. It is important to heat up the engine to a normal operating temperature, before adding cerma with the engine running, simply add Cerma through the oil filler cap. Then increase the Vehicle’s RPM’s above 2000 for about 10 minutes then drive for at least 1/2 hour (Do Not shut off the engine within that time period) Questions?

 Call Tech Support at 239-344-9861; UPC 650019157495


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cerma engine treatment restores your old motor extends life of you new motor

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